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Date: 9/9/2019
Subject: ACZM Mentor-Mentee Round Table Discussion
From: Olivia Petritz

Good morning ACZM! 

The ACZM Exam Preparation and Study Course will be held the weekend before the AAZV conference:

Saturday, September 28 (8am – 5pm) - Sunday, September 29 (8am – 1pm)

The early registration has closed, but it is still possible for your mentees to register!  

One thing in particular I wanted to highlight for both mentees and YOU, their mentors:

On Sunday, September 29th from 11:30 - 12:30 we are going to have a 1 hour round-table discussion entitled:

"Mentor-Mentee roundtable discussion: Debunking ACZM exam myths"

This was created based on years of feedback (concerns/complaints/questions) we received on the Exam committee about the exam and the studying process.  This section is FREE for mentors, but mentees would need to pay for the course registration to attend this session (as well as the rest of the course).   

The exam committee's fearless leader Jen D'Agostino will not be at the conference in person, but she is going to attend virtually via Zoom conferencing.  

If you are also not planning to go to this year's conference, you can also attend virtually via Zoom. (this just requires an internet connection, and you can connect remotely via your phone or computer).  

If you plan to attend this session, either in person or virtually, please RSVP to Olivia Petritz ( 

Thank you for your time!