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ACZM Traditional Short Courses

ACZM Exam Prep and Study Courses in 2016

As part of the recent ACZM strategic planning session, the decision has been made to not have the “traditional” short course in 2016.  Instead, we will be expanding our “ultrashort” courses (ACZM Exam Prep and Study Courses) that are associated with conferences.

These courses will now be 1 - 2 days to include more lectures, additional mock examinations and study strategies, as well as provide some opportunities for networking with colleagues over lunch and dinner.

Dates for 2018 are: 

August 4th – Saint Augustine, Florida in conjunction with WDA/AAWV

October 7th – Prague, Czech Republic in conjunction with EAZWV/AAZV

September 22th – Atlanta, Georgia in conjunction with ExoticsCON

Any questions, please contact the Education Committee Chair, Dr Chris Hanley at